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Angela McCabe


Dancing on Sliabh an Iariann

Darkness gives way to diaphanous foldsof golden cloud, daylight claims the mountain,empurpling grey ridge with pink, fire in the risen sunburns away the fog in my soul.My teachers told me many things, the same mantra repeated.‘Look to the sky.’I painted white flakes through blue horizons,rainbows of violet, blue, green, gold, orange and red, Sunsets, flaxen […]


The Moon, The Calico Rose and The Umbrella

We spend the day making a calico rose,edged with damask, my granddaughter and I.Eager to see if it grows, she plants it in a raised bed in the garden.When it rains, she puts asmall white umbrella over her nursery.Nightfall, moon walks through the hedge,shines her blue light on the flower,dances in and out of trees,dodges […]


In my next life

as a woman,I’ll make a counterpane of cerulean blue,sunset yellow and candy apple,spread it over my sisters while we sleep.Blush our faces with folly red, pink roses in our hair,grow locks to our waists.Draw portraits of my first love,his arms around me, .wear a spiral ring,Make a quilt of copper, beige and goldembroider pomegranates,mistletoe and […]


The Invisible World

Sliabh an Iariann always near through veiled filaments of cloud, delicate as a Japanese print. Silent grey ridge, home to Ultacts and Tuatha de Dannan. Hidden links to an invisible world.Angels descend and play with spirits by the old river. Drink cool water.The child lost in the forest runs to his parents, hugs them. The […]