Dreaming Refuge

'I believed I had experienced it all during The Troubles in Northern Ireland, but when my Tibetan teacher Akong Rinpoche was murdered in China 2013, I fell apart. I groped out of the darkness, created Tibetan House and wrote We will meet the Year of Miracles.'

‘A bravura memoir teeming with incident in a lifelong quest for refuge’
Brian Leyden

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The Cat with the Coral Earring

Anglea's children’s story tells of Kitty the kitten brought to Jessica by Santa. The delighted little girl doesn’t know their new sheep dog, Jock is a cat killer! Whilst all the family are gathered on Christmas day, Jock grabs the kitten and runs down the field with her in his mouth. Kitty is marginally saved by father’s clever handling of the dangerous situation. Mother helps bandage Kitty’s wounds. Jessica lays the kitten on her bed and lies down beside her. They fall asleep and go into a world of heavenly pets, led by a great Egyptian cat who gives them both coral rings. Jock is turned into a cat for a while and after some unhappy experiences he realises how cruel he has been. When he becomes a dog again Kitty and he become great friends.

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The Hermit and the Lion's Roar

‘Angela McCabe is unafraid to go into those tough spaces that leave most of us afraid and awake at night. This poetry is deeply informed by personal and national conflict. Angela navigates and explores historical events – particularly the devastating effects of war.’
Abayomi Animashaud, author of The Giving of Pears and Sailing for Ithaca and winner of the Hudson Prize

‘Angela’s poems exude a quiet strength. Her lyric travels easily between the political and social landscape of Northern Ireland of the late 60’s and early 70’s and Buddhist thought and practice. It negotiates a space between conflict and meditation. These poems are alive with an old music of wonder.’
Janice Fitzpatrick Simmons, poet and founder of The Poets’ House

This is Angela's latest collection of poems (released July 2019) from London publisher, Alba. You'll buy direct from the author. Price:  €12   (+ postage based on location).

People of the Yew Tree Meadow, Clonoe

'Born in Clonoe, our ancestors endured
cultural tyranny and political subjugation.

Their Credo: Our culture too exits.

Through long sojourns by field and hill I stumbled on some annals,
tapestries of words, not confined to conformity nor cloistered in text,
but scrolls in the soul saying: The parish is within.

Treat these images as you will. Say them in slang.
Enter where you like, leave with delight.
Oh Glorious Clonoe. First on the field and last to leave.'

Angela created this book to remember some clans of Clonoe whose home place Lisnaree House, Drummurrer was burned down by a freak accident in 2014. 'Through our great tradition of storytelling in Clonoe', she says, 'no-one really dies.'

Published 2018.  You'll buy direct from the author. Price: €12   (+ postage based on location).

The Inspirational Akong Rinpoche

When her Tibetan Buddhist teacher Akong Rinpoche was murdered, Angela put together this collection of words and pictures to honour and remember his life and work. Published in 2017.

This book's currently out of print, but if enough people request a copy, then we'll consider another print run. 

Battenburgs and Lemon Drizzlers

A selection from this book won the Listowel Poetry collection award 2016.

'These poems are naked and simple and exquisitely crafted. They gather terse narratives together in clusters, from various corners of the earth, but mostly from memory –that unfamiliar land into which McCabe makes startling raids with the precision and wisdom of a master berry picker.'
Michael Harding

'Really wonderful poems full of adroit observations, technical ease… and a fabulous humanity….This is beautiful affirmative poetry….’
Thomas McCarthy

This is Angela's second book of poems, published by Alba Press in 2016. You'll buy direct from the author. Price:   €12   (+ postage based on location).

Honeymoon in Coalisland

'Angela is always listening and watching. In quiet elegies curtains are made, cows sink into their shins in mud; stitching and mending are always on the go. Colours abound. Kitchens fill with memories. In a rare collection of domestic and landscape, Angela enters the spiritual world with great physical and musical resonance.'
Dermot Healy

McCabe writes in an unhurried, deceptively relaxed style which at its best attains that simplicity and apparent naturalness that requires so much work to achieve. The book's sense of story, its hymning of the everyday life and its offering that life as worthy of attention and openess to another, very different culture, Tibetan, are all real strengths.
Brittle Star Literary Magazine, UK

This is Angela's first poetry collection, published in 2014 by Alba, London. Available to buy direct from the publisher when you click on the Buy Now link. Price:  €12.