In my next life

as a woman,
I’ll make a counterpane of cerulean blue,

sunset yellow and candy apple,
spread it over my sisters while we sleep.

Blush our faces with folly red, pink roses in our hair,
grow locks to our waists.

Draw portraits of my first love,
his arms around me, .

wear a spiral ring,
Make a quilt of copper, beige and gold

embroider pomegranates,
mistletoe and calla lilies in the centre.

From our fulfilled embrace
children conceived, born.

Grow a field of sunflowers, teach them to paint
azure skies, sage leaves, umber seeds, gold petals.

Butterflies drinking milkweed nectar.
Bumblebees feeding on black eyed Susan’s.

They’ll learn to paint faint lines of coral
sweet pea folded over shades of white satin.

The universe of our souls singing
to the sky above clouds.