Dreaming Refuge


​The memoir moves between conflict in two very different cultures, Tibet and Northern Ireland. It is an exploration of impermanence and survival. Ordinary life during civil conflict is so completely different in every way, that it is barely comprehensible to those who have not seen it for themselves. After being in an explosion in Belfast and becoming a ‘Victim of Sectarianism’ Angela found meditation in war-torn Belfast.

She began to have precognitive dreams about a Tibetan Centre in Scotland, Samye Ling. She went there after her Honours Degree and met her spiritual Teacher, Akong Rinpoche. She worked and studied under Rinpoche. After four years of living there, Akong requested her to return to Ireland and help his life-long friend Panchen Otrul Rinpoche establish Jampa Ling Ireland. She also established an Alternative Medicine Centre nearby, close to the Irish Border. After more than twenty years she was ready to move back to Samye Ling. Then her beloved Akong Rinpoche was brutally murdered in China in 2013.

Angela believed she had experienced it all during The Troubles in Northern Ireland, but this for her, was the cruellest blow of all. She says she ‘fell apart’ then groped out of the darkness, created Akong House and set up a Tibetan Charity for people in need.