The Cat with the Coral Earring


A Christmas story about Kitty the Kitten. Delightful children’s picture book for ages 4 – 10.

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Anglea’s children’s story tells of Kitty the kitten brought to Jessica by Santa. The delighted little girl doesn’t know their new sheep dog, Jock is a cat killer! Whilst all the family are gathered on Christmas day, Jock grabs the kitten and runs down the field with her in his mouth. Kitty is marginally saved by father’s clever handling of the dangerous situation. Mother helps bandage Kitty’s wounds. Jessica lays the kitten on her bed and lies down beside her. They fall asleep and go into a world of heavenly pets, led by a great Egyptian cat who gives them both coral rings. Jock is turned into a cat for a while and after some unhappy experiences he realises how cruel he has been. When he becomes a dog again Kitty and he become great friends. Delightful picture book for ages 4 – 10.