The Invisible World

Sliabh an Iariann always near through veiled
filaments of cloud, delicate as a Japanese print.
Silent grey ridge,

home to Ultacts and Tuatha de Dannan.
Hidden links to an invisible world.
Angels descend and play with spirits by the old river.

Drink cool water.
The child lost in the forest runs to his parents, hugs them.
The old man with the crutch throws it away and begins to dance.

A girl is plaiting her long red hair by the pond.
The girl you thought you'd lost.
Go to her. Ask what tales she has.
If she shows you footprints of dogs in the snow, smile.
When she says, ‘Come and meet my friends, we’re getting the children ready for school.
But my son skips classes, distracted on his way by cats,’ laugh.

And when you hear the 'meow' put your hand down
and stroke the black one you cannot see.
This girl will comfort you Allow her to wipe away the film from your heart.

That veiled filament, delicate as a Japanese print.